Monday, January 14, 2008

Playing with leather. . .

I knew that would get your attention. Actually, this post involves a much more mundane sort of leather. Though, seeing as how you are online right now, you should be able to find lots of less mundane leather, if that is your bent.

Anyways, I keep looking at the harmonica cases I ordered last year (www. and thinking that the sort of work that goes into the harmonica cases would also make a really good writing folder - something to hold a notebook and a couple of pens for when I head up to the cottage or go on vacation.

I know there is something mildly ridiculous with putting so much effort into the trappings of writing when I should really be putting pen to paper but sometimes I can't help it. Besides, the harmonica cases are about as sharp as harmonica cases can be (which is surprisingly sharp. . . take my word for it) so I keep thinking of what sort of magic Jeff at CCC could work.

Now I just need to do two things - 1. decide what exactly I want. 2. find out if Jeff would entertain the notion of doing a writing case (as you can see, I've never been afraid of putting the cart before the horse).

In other news, I'm into my second week of actually cooking my work lunches for myself. Working in downtown Toronto, it is just too easy to order in all the time. While I do love the variety of ordering in, my wallet was starting to complain about being overworked (and underpaid, for that matter).

I won't lie. It's still a pain in the ass to cook for one, but it's getting better. I have a pretty good collection of plastic containers (Lock & Lock containers rule, by the way - no leaks) and I am obsessive compulsive enough to put the time in cooking dinner when most people are working their way through a morning coffee.

Speaking of work, it's time for me to get going.

So long for now,


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jeffrey said...

Thanks Remi........your appreciation for what I do is ALWAYS appreciated.........Jeff