Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Book is a Success. . .

. . . in a small, but satisfying way.

The storybook I made of my trip to New York City for my 5 year old niece was a hit. So was the monkey itself. My niece has already arranged for readings both in Junior Kindergarten and also in daycare on Friday (she's a bit of a type-A personality).

I'm big in Sioux Lookout. Not many people can say that. Furthermore, I'm also almost through my first printing. Of course, my first printing was 5 copies done at Kinkos and the price was free, but those are just details. And who really cares about details anyways?

Anyways, I have 2 more days with CN. It's strange - and a bit scary - but it's time. I've been with CN since the summer after high school. I worked summers on the gangs doing trackwork. Then I moved on to work as a conductor. Finally, I've spent the past few years as a commuter central officer dealing with the GO Trains.

Starting next Monday, I will be working with GO Transit. This involves a number of changes. Payday will become Tuesday instead of Thursday. I'll now have a pension and a retirement fund. And I'll have much less vacation for now.

Did I ever mention that I'm not really good with change?

But the money's good and the people are great to work with. Furthermore, I get to keep working downtown, a fact that is quite important to me. Transit to Vaughan kind of sucks and that's what I probably would have been stuck with if I had stayed with CN (I'm glad I have my license but I have no interest in owning a car any time soon).

So I am off to greener pastures and it feels. . . well. . . odd. Good as well, though, which is the main thing.


Dale said...

Oh Remi! I am so very envious of you! Good move, I think. A jolly good move. I wish you the greatest success and a smooth transition from Thursdayland to Tuesdayland.

Dale said...

Oh, and your book. Congratulations on that front as well. What was it Sinatra said about Sioux Lookout? "If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere."

I think it was Sioux Lookout he was referring to, wasn't it?