Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something new, something old

First five discs played in my new stereo:

1. Shostakovich's Symphony #1 / Cello Concerto #1
2. Air's Talkie Walkie
3. Joni Mitchell's Blue
4. Tom Wait's Orphans Disc 2 (Bawlers)
5. Radiohead's OK Computer

My old mini stereo finally died on me so I figured it was as good a time as any to upgrade. I went to Bay Bloor Radio on Friday before work and picked up a Teac mini system with Mission speakers. I didn't set it up until this evening. I really do not know much about the brand names or what I should have looked for. All I know is that the thing sounds fantastic. Incredible. Amazing.

In other news, I've ordered my first used book online. I've wanted a copy of Cohen's first Selected Poems (the 1968 version, not Stranger Music) for a long time. I borrowed that book from the Sarnia Public Library quite often back in high school and I had always hoped to find a copy somewhere. Nothing ever turned up.

Why am I not content with Stranger Music? Well, the first collection is more focused on his earlier poetry. It contains poems that are left out of the later collection. Besides, it was my first serious exposure to his work and there's a part of me that wants it for that reason alone.

So I finally decide to take my search online and what do I find? Lots of copies and fairly cheap too. I've never really bought anything used online before so I hope it works out alright.

Now, I must step away from the computer. I've got Bonnie Prince Billy on the stereo, a good book waiting by the recliner and some tea brewing in the kitchen. What better way to finish off a weekend.

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