Monday, May 18, 2009

Canuck Book 12 - Overqualified by Joey Comeau

This is the second truly nontraditional novel I've read for the challenge. Where Important Artifacts. . . by Leanne Shapton was a novel in the form of an auction catalogue, Overqualifed is an epistolary novel with a twist - all the letters are cover letters where the narrator (named, oddly enough, Joey Comeau) seeks employment for a variety of jobs.

This book was a little slow to grow on me. At first, it seemed like little more than a clever stunt - preposterous cover letters written by someone who seems more interested in unloading than impressing. I didn't really see where it was going. Slowly, though, the narrative slipped through and I really started to like it.

The story is actually a lot darker than one would expect - there is far more loss and longing than there are laughs (though there are laughs, as well). And unlike the Shapton book, this is a book I would have liked to see go a little longer.

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