Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Canuck Book Extra Credit 2 - Spent by Joe Matt

One more Matt book though I guess some of this was done after Matt returned to the States (he lives in LA now) so it may not be as Canuck as some of the other books I've read. It is, however, set in Toronto and published by a great Canuck press (Drawn and Quarterly) so I'd say that counts.

Basically, this book is great if you love Joe Matt's work, so-so if you don't. It has all the usual trappings of Matt's work - misanthropy, ridiculous degrees of thrift, stunted emotional life, porn, more porn - and it moves fairly well. It doesn't break any new ground and by the time it winds down - with Matt complaining about how he has wasted his life with no great revelations to satisfy the readers - I think even the most die hard fan is glad to see it end - not with a whimper, but a whine.


John Mutford said...

Let me guess, he's another flasher-type.

John Mutford said...

That said, I still want to read a Joe Matt book-- part of the great Canadian alternative cartoonist triumvirate (sp?) and all.

Remi said...

You're right on the flasher department. Matt does a good job of portraying all three of the cartoonists. Quite the mix of personalities.