Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A real smrt teechur

Ok, one last kick at the cat. I couldn't pass up watching Arlen Specter's town hall meeting (if you don't know or don't care why this is interesting, I envy you. Sadly, my OCD works against me). My favourite moment was when a teacher got up and demanded that Specter move to have all bills and laws written in a language that is at a junior high school level. As if multi-billion dollar laws concerning the lives of over 300 million people can all be written with the simplicity of a Dick and Jane book.

. . .

Actually, I was going to spew and sputter but I just don't have the heart. When the teachers start asking for us to dumb things down, I give up.

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Daibhin said...

There are going to be a couple of Town Halls hosted around here by Congressman Dan Lungren (who i do not like) and I was thinking of going for just pure entertainment value. I'll sit in the back and watch everyone go crazy.