Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good and Bad

The good thing about CTV's Olympic coverage is that it's everywhere. CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, OLN - I can switch from sport to sport to sport whenever I feel like it. I switch a lot because, while I will definitely get caught up in the marquee events like hockey and downhill skiing, I also love getting caught up in events that don't often make it to tv like biathlon and ski jumping.

The bad has to be the announcers. From the MTV Canada idiots who are more interested in athletes' sex lives then their sports lives to the commentators of the snowboard races who spent lots of time talking about the track but no time talking about the racers who were going down the track at the time, it's been a bit of shock for someone who grew up on CBC broadcasts.

And then there was the early morning discussion of Lindsey Vonn. Rather than talking about how one of the fastest woman skiers in the world is going to deal with a deep bruise on her shin - you know, relevant Olympic dialogue - the announcers decided to bring up her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot for the millionth time.

Now I'm not the world's most enlightened individual. I won't lie. I have no problem with photos of a beautiful woman in a bikini. I just think that, at the world's biggest sporting event, there are probably more important things to talk about. This is a woman who has made a career out of racing down the side of mountains at speeds I only reach in a car on the 401. Talk about that.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

So true! Some of the announcers are positively embarassing in their lack of knowledge as well. Our current favourite - "the Norwegians fans are out in full force" and panning to a group holding German flags.

Daibhin said...

I would put up with the announcers to get rid of NBC coverage. They are showing them tape delayed out here on the West Coast because appartently Vancouver is now on East Coast time. I stayed up to midnight last night to watch events that happened at 9pm my time. Sigh. (I used to watch the CBC coverage when I lived in Seattle and it was fabulous. I was wondering how CTV would match up.)