Sunday, August 14, 2011

Some pics that don't really explain my absence. . .

Nothing beats the zoo and a long lens.

I waited about 20 minutes for the elephant to turn around.

From Nuit Blanche last year.

My uncle on his beloved tractor.

My sister at her wedding. Word of advice to anyone with an slr camera - when that relative comes up to you and asks you to shoot their wedding, offer them a toaster instead. The wedding turned out well but was way too stressful for a hobbyist like me.


John Mutford said...

Remi's back!!! Whoo-hoo! No explanations necessary, just glad to have you on the blogging scene again.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's so great to have you back in the blogosphere. And with photos too!

Daibhin said...

Those clown faces are deeply disturbing. Glad you back (I've been gone too).

Anonymous said...

funny (and true) comment about the photography at relatives' weddings. Just say no. Your idea about giving them a toaster is much better!

:-) liz in texas