Saturday, November 03, 2007

Back with a top ten list of sorts

As the esteemed Mr. Pringle was quick to remind me, it has been way too long since I've posted anything.

Well, it's late, I'm tired and I have to get up early to go look at cows and pigs tomorrow (the Royal Winter Fair is on). As such, I'll keep it short and post a top ten (sic) list of sorts.

My list of favourite songs for a cold November night:

Prologue - Goodnight Irene - Leadbelly
1. I will do my last singing in this land somewhere - Rev. Gary Davis
2. Midnight Special - Odetta
3. Tower of Song - Leonard Cohen
4. Moanin' At Midnight - Howlin' Wolf
5. Tecumseh Valley - Townes Van Zandt
6. Visions of Johanna - Bob Dylan
7. Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night - Tom Waits
8. Help Me Make It Through The Night - Kris Kristofferson
9. Coney Island Baby - Lou Reed
10. Wichita Lineman - Johnny Cash
11. River - Joni Mitchell
12. Streets of Baltimore - Gram Parsons
13. He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones
14. Sweet Jane - Cowboy Junkies
15. Toledo - Danny Michel
16. Lua - Bright Eyes
Epilogue - Goodnight Irene - Tom Waits

That's a lot more country than I originally intended. But it fits.

Good night world.

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Dale said...

Leadbelly? Wow, Remi! You sure enjoy a wide variety of musical styles.