Friday, November 16, 2007

A short post because I'm too busy stocking my ipod

Hello All,

Not much is new here. I got my custom leather harmonica case in the mail yesterday. It is far better than I would have imagined. So, if you're looking for harmonica cases, guitar straps or even a saddle, check this guy out ( He does phenomenal work and he is a nice guy, to boot.

Anyways, getting away this weekend to the chemical city. I remember back in high school, the rumour was Sarnia was in the top 10 list of first cities to be hit if a nuclear war took place. Never a very reassuring thought, even in those heady years after the Berlin Wall came down.

As for my ipod, I now have over 14 days worth of music on it. A testament to the wonders of tiny technology. . . Yes. A sign that my schizophrenic music tastes and obsessive compulsive tendancies have been given perhaps a little too much freedom. . . Yes, as well.

Today, I've been adding a lot more classical - some string quartets, a bit of Mozart, Bartok and Wagner.
Well, must run off to work.
So long for now,
ps. - Here is my new harmonica case:

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