Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wandering the Islands

My sisters Charity and Nikki came down to the city for the night last week. It was a great time. They used hotwire and got a great rate on a really nice hotel that just happened to be next to the ferry docks. On Friday, we took the ferry across to the islands, rented some bikes and explored. It was their first time over there. Truly one of the Toronto's (not so) hidden gems.

(My sisters have final approval on all shots I took of them so no pics of them until (and if) they approve)

It sure is a lot quieter in the first week after Labour Day. I kind of like it that way.

My trusty rented steed. It's been so long since I had a bike with coaster brakes. Has me seriously thinking of getting a new bike by spring.

My sister Charity took this one. You do get a great view of the city from the islands.

No idea who these people are but it made for a nice shot.

The view from my sisters' hotel room. If they faced the other way, it would be endless condos for as far as the eye can see. Well, maybe not that far but you get the picture.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wandering the island by bike with your sisters - well if that isn't a perfect little vacation, I don't know what is. I trust there was much giggling ensuing.