Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ouch. . .

I'm just getting over the pain of a pulled wisdom tooth. It really wasn't as bad as I thought but still not something I would ever want to repeat. My dentist is pretty good but there is no way to hide the fact that tooth removal is more about brute force than anything else. I don't think I was able to hide the fact that I kind of get nervous when people want to exercise brute force anywhere near my mouth.

At least I had the Bidiniband's disc to listen to while I convalesced. Very good. Makes me kind of wistful for the Rheos but that's a good thing.

Anyways, my father came down last weekend bearing birthday gifts and cake. We went out to the islands on Saturday and spent three hours biking around in the glorious sunshine. I'm going to have to get out there again before the weather turns too cool.

As for the birthday day itself, I worked 15 hours. Even worse, I had to be back in to work again for 4 the next morning so there were no festivities to be had. Which is fine actually. I'm saving up for next year when my friend Ezio and I plan to take Manhatten again for the first time in a decade. Should be a nice way to mark my 35'th trip around the sun.

If anybody is looking for something good to read, check out Richard Russo's latest, That Old Cape Magic. A very good novel indeed.

Well, I think it I'm feeling well enough to start doing some cleaning. I'll leave you with some pics from last weekend:

Even the swans hang out at the Islands on a sunny day.

It's a dedicated grandfather that will sit down opposite a turtle statue to get a picture for his granddaughter.

Well into his sixth decade, my father still looks at all rope ladders and jungle gyms as challenges.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your dad is simply awesome! That is exactly what I want to do when I see a rope like that, but I rarely do.

Happy belated birthday greetings to you, my friend. I know that your delayed gift of a trip to NYC will more than make up for the sacrifices you made on the day itself. The travel gods are smiling on you.

Rest up. Don't forget to flush that hole in your gum.