Saturday, July 07, 2007

Die Hard

I guess it's time to fire up this blog again. Myspace's blog function seems to have siezed up so I think I will lay down roots here. I will now mess around with this thing to get used to it. First, I will add a picture. . . .

. . . and mess with the fonts a bit.

Now that that's over, I think I will talk about the latest Die Hard flick. I liked it. It was silly, over the top and somehow the perfect way to unwind after a long day at work.

Yes, the plot is ridiculous. Yes, the brushes with death are all too conveniently foiled. Somehow, that seems to be the point. This is 80's action filmmaking cast through the lens of the Scream movies. You don't have to worry about suspension of disbelief because even the stars seemed content to wink and mug for the camera while firing off more one liners than bullets. That's what made it so much fun. It's a throwback that seems fresher than it should, a reminder that, in summer movie land, fun can trump smart at least once in a while.

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