Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sometimes I wander about in a daze. . .

So, I'm on the subway last night, heading over to the Annex for a late evening, post-work stroll. I noticed some strangely dressed people on the train and I figure there must be some sort of party or event going on. I get off at Bathurst and the oddly dressed contingent gets off as well. I'm mildly intrigued as they are quite oddly costumed. But I'm in wander mode and really not paying too much attention so I just pass it off as one of the strange things one sees in the city.

It doesn't hit me until I am almost at the Bloor Cinema that it is Friday night. . . And that the Bloor just happens to do monthly Rocky Horror screenings.

It all fell into place and I felt a little foolish. It takes a moment like this to realize just how far out of the loop I often am.

That said, I had a very productive Friday night. I bought a book of Jack Kerouac's letters and proceeded to read it on the subway. When the excitement became truly overwhelming, I headed for home.

Now, it's time to get dressed and start heading to the cottage.

So long for now.

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