Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm impressed. . .

As is usual when I take up something new, I've been somewhat compulsively going through the links of other participants in the Canadian Book Challenge, checking out what they are reading and how they are tackling the challenge.

What has surprised me is how many Americans there are taking up the challenge. It's impressive and probably more surprising than it should be.

That is the cool thing about this whole interweb thingamabob - it really can connect people. Just look at this challenge - it was started by someone from Iqaluit but has participants from all over the continent.

Anyways, my immediate game plan is this - I'm reading Corey Redekop's Shelf Monkey right now. I'm also reading Tomson Highway's Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing. I've been meaning to read that play for years.

Next up will probably be Farley Mowat's Lost in the Barrens. I read it as a child and it stuck with me all these years. This challenge is giving me an excuse to revisit a part of my childhood and I cannot pass that up.

Other options - re-reading Hugh MacLennan's The Watch That Ends The Night
- Richler's St. Urbain's Horseman (or maybe just re-reading Barney's Version)
- Sean Dixon's The Girls Who Saw Everything
- Noah Richler's This is my country, what's yours? (a CanCon book about CanCon books would definitely qualify)

(And then maybe I'll tackle something that isn't tied to Montreal)

If anyone is actually reading this and also happens to be looking for a good Canadian book to read, pick up Alayna Munce's When I Was Young and In My Prime.

Well, it's late. The sidewalks are gradually becoming skating rinks outside and inside I can't muster the energy to brew a pot of tea. So it's time for bed, I guess.

So long world.

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John Mutford said...

I was surprised (and more than a little pleased) with the international turnout as well- there's even participants in India and South Korea!

I loved Barney's Version- a reread wouldn't be a bad idea.