Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sticking to what I'm good at. . .

My niece is having a 6th birthday shindig at my parents place this weekend. It has the potential to be quite the event. For instance, I can't wait to see my grandfather playing musical chairs. Who needs tv when you've got family, eh?

Anyways, my niece has been adamant about not asking for anything for her birthday. Why? Because it will ruin the surprise.

The one exception, it seems, is me. As she told my sister, "I know one thing I'm getting. I know uncle Remi will be getting me a book."

Even with my deathly allergy to cutesy exclamations like "Ahhhhhhh. . . ", I can't help myself.


Did I mention I'm a 10 minute walk from Mable's Fables (Toronto's best children's bookstore)?


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You know of course that you will always have to live up to your reputation as best book gifter in the family.

I hope she has a fabulous party!

John Mutford said...

Of course which book is still a surprise. An illustrated history of foot fungus? I bet she won't expect that coming.