Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Stopgap Post (I've got chores to do)

Phew! The work week is finally done. I have a new review to write (here's a hint - go out and by Alden Nowlan's Selected Poems right now but right now I have some cleaning to do.

Tonight, I'm off to the Bloor to see Cadillac Records. I fell in love with early Chicago blues back in high school so I'm dying to see a movie based on that period. My house cleaning soundtrack today is going to be heavy on the Muddy, the Wolf, Sonny Boy and Little Walter.

Here's a taste of what's kept me hooked for almost two decades. I saw the harp player, James Cotton, at the Horseshoe a number of years ago. Even with a throat problem preventing him from doing much of the singing himself, it was an amazing moment. And his harp playing was superb.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've actually been searching bookstores for Alden Nowlan poetry, but may have to order online. His poems read like stories, I love them, and can't wait for your review.