Thursday, October 01, 2009

Where are the leaders?

I'm watching Newsworld. Iggy is talking his non-confidence vote and I am thinking the Libs have finally found a leader who is almost as inexpressive as Harper. He did the whole press conference without really opening his mouth. More often then not, he almost seems to be smirking.

The scorecard now reads as this:

The cons have the sneer.

The libs have the smirk.

The ndp still has the used car salesman.

Makes me almost pine for the, uh, glory days of the 90s with Manning and Chretien and Bouchard. Not the best and brightest by any stretch but at least these men were willing to show a little passion.

What troubles me most is how weak everyone is. You have a conservative party that (thankfully) can't complete the job and get Harper his majority. That's fine. Except for the fact that you have a Liberal party that is doing two things at once - shifting to the right and not really moving at all. How's that for a conundrum. As for the NDP, even the Globe is admitting in editorials that Layton is actually right more often than not. Sadly, the conservative controlled media has done an effective job of marginalizing the left. Even worse, I'm not sure Layton is capable of doing anything to change that.

The way things are right now, I'm going to have to start investigating the fringe parties to find someone worthy of my vote the next time around.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

The fringe aren't looking so fringey anymore, are they? I often end up placing my vote there.