Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meme on the Beach

The Bad Tempered Zombie ( has tagged me in a meme. Rather than anger a zombie this close to Halloween, I have decided to complete the Google Image meme. For this meme, I apparently have to answer the questions with images I google. Here goes:

1. The age you'll be on your next birthday -

2. A place you would like to travel to -

Kyrgyzstan - Saw it on an episode of lonely planet once and always wanted to go.
3. Your Favourite Place -

The North Shore of Lake Superior

4. Your Favourite Food -

The Hoito, in Thunder Bay, has the world's best pancakes.

5. Your favourite pet -
A tough one, as I live a petless existence. Here is the closest I've come lately -

Last spring, I was accompanied to New York by this monkey (who is still known as monkey, I believe). We took the Staten Island Ferry, went to MOMA, a Rangers game walked the Brooklyn Bridge and hung out in Times Square. The monkey now hangs out with my 5 year old neice up in the north country. I made a little book of it for her.

I cheated on this one. While I could have eventually found it through google (it's on my blog somewhere, it was just easier to get it off the hard drive.

6. Your favourite colour combination -

7. Favourite piece of clothing -

8. All Time Favourite Song -

Vision of Johanna - B. Dylan

9. Favourite TV Show -

10. First name of significant other / crush:
I'm going to have to pass on this one.

11. The place where you live:

12. Your screen name / nickname:

I used my blog name.

13. Your first job -

14. Your Dream Job -

15. A bad habit you have -

It's not the reading, it's the buying.

16. Your worst fear -
What can I say? The Zombie already had blindness so I'll fall back on my fear of the Leafs winning another cup. Of course, sudden total blindness is probably much more likely to occur.

17. One thing you would like to do before dying -

Other than dabble in immortality, I guess it's this -

Circling the globe without taking a plane. Starting with the QM2 to London.

18. The first thing you'd buy if you had a million dollars -
I'm sure I'd think of lots of other things, but I know myself too well to think I wouldn't be making a trip to the bookstore sometime shortly after the windfall.
Now it's time for a bagel and coffee. Thankfully, I live less than a five minute walk from 4 Starbucks and about a three minute walk from What A Bagel, home to Toronto's best bagels.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for playing along, Remi! Very wise of you not to stir up the zombies at this time of year.

I love the story of monkee's travels! Your niece is very lucky to have both the well-travelled pet and a book about it. How lovely.

You may need to borrow him for your around the world cruise. That would be quite a book.