Monday, March 30, 2009

My Weekend Up North

Spent part of Saturday afternoon gathering sap:

You'd be amazed at how quickly those buckets filled.

We filled that tank a couple of times that afternoon.

Because I like to play with black and white.

That's my father on the other side. The sugar shack was once owned by my grandfather.
Earlier in the day, we drove past a flock of wild turkeys. They're pretty brave now that Christmas is done with.


Daibhin said...

I'm jealous. It looks beautiful there.

John Mutford said...

Okay, so I know you just read my comments at Barb's, but the same goes here. This is not North. Yellowknife is North. You should visit. Or I'll leave a flaming bag of dog poop on your doorstep.

Remi said...

You're right about this not being north. I'm from north of Lake Superior so even I wouldn't really consider Parry Sound to be "north". Sadly, I live and work amongst people who talk about heading up north every time they get past Richmond Hill so I've learned to just humour them.

As for a trip to Yellowknife, I just might have to do that. And not just to keep my doorstep clean, either.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh great, I flee over here to escape the dog poop debacle, and what do I find? The great North is North debate!

So what do your coworkers say when you tell them you spent some time at the sugar shack this weekend? Do they wink knowingly?

It is a beautiful area, though.