Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bush-els of Bad Tidings

Another week and another bailout by the Bush government. This wouldn't be so bad if the government was also taking steps to help those who might not run banks and insurance companies.

Instead, Bush has largely just stood by while record numbers of people are forced from their homes. I know. I know. I shouldn't question him. After all, if nothing else, Bush is all about the (rich, republican, born again) common folks.

Sadly, something doesn't add up. Now, I will freely admit my religious beliefs are nowhere near as strong as Bush's but I'm beginning to wonder if we are even reading from the same bible. I've been thumbing through my King James Version all morning and I have yet to find the part about protecting the money lenders and forsaking the poor.

Even better, the attitude behind this bias is that people should not expect the government to bail them out for making ill-informed, rash decisions. They should bear responsibility for trying to take advantage of a market that was out of control.

Who says irony is dead?

Perhaps Mr. Bush should put down his bible and find himself a dictionary. There's got to be one somewhere in the White House library, left by a president who might've actually cracked the spine on a book or two. He should then look up the word hypocrite.

(Of course, chances are the library has already been converted into a Presidential rec room, complete with 100 inch plasma, la-z-boy and ping pong table.)

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

All you need to get a Bush bailout is timing I guess. Don't be the first or second company to go under because it takes him a while to notice.