Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shades of Blah. . .

What a dreary day out there. I'd half planned on going for a monster walk today but the threat of rain is making me think otherwise.

Watched the U.S. debate last night. Sadly, it wasn't quite the knockout punch I wanted to see from Obama but it was good enough. I still can't believe people might vote for McCain based on "experience". When the ruling party's track record is dreadful, why would you vote for more of the same?

One point - Somehow, John McCain still thinks a free market approach to health care is a good thing. The "free market"? If there's something we've learned from the American economic crisis, it's that the "free market" approach has done a horrible job of taking care of the free markets. And yet McCain still thinks that free markets can take care of people's health? Maybe it works when you have a house or six to spare, but most Americans don't have that luxury.

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