Saturday, November 29, 2008

Funny. . . Or some thoughts on politics

Isn't it funny that, when it comes to Harper's power grab, everyone is talking about the clauses removing public funding of political parties but no one is talking about the clauses denying workers their legal right to strike?

Or how about the fact that Harper now says creating a coalition to gain power is undemocratic when that is what the right leaning parties did to create the conservative party?

I used to think Harper got his inspiration from Machiavelli. Now I think he's been reading too much Orwell.

For those in the rest of Canada who are trying to figure out what Flaherty is up to, it is this: Rather than find constructive and possibly innovative solutions to the financial crisis by working with the cities, municipalities, provinces and territories, he will simply start downloading. He will keep the federal government on an even keel by dumping all the financial responsibility onto the provinces and territories. It's the same thing Flaherty did when he was part of the Ontario government and dumped everything onto the municipalities. The municipalities, by the way, are still trying to dig their way out of the hole the PC's created. Enjoy. A minority of you voted for this.

Of course, if you happen to live in Flaherty's riding, fear not. I'm sure there will be some goodies that head your way. That just the way these fellas roll. Let the big left-leaning cities crumble but keep the pet projects coming to their hometowns. Makes you realize that they weren't really angry or upset by Chretien's financial dealings; they were just jealous.

It's nice to see the opposition show a backbone, though. Let's hope it's a particularly gamey crow that Stevie is eating right now.


Dale said...

Let's hope they don't give VIA away to the Yanks like they did with CN.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am having way more fun with this situation than I should be. It's so nice to see a bully get his.