Friday, November 28, 2008

Perhaps Black Friday Should Be Rethought

There is just so much wrong with the above story. Not least the fact that it's a friggin' Walmart. Are cheap cleaning products and household items really worth stampeding over?

Is anything worth stampeding over?

What a freaking mess. On Thursday, you have a ginormous turkey ostensibly to give thanks for what you have. The next day, you're up before dawn to buy more crap because you really weren't happy with what you have. You were just holding out for a sale.

It makes me hope the economy tanks and that whole malls wind up shutting down. Maybe that way, we will go back to a culture where we buy what we need, not what we (think we) want. This will be a good thing because our society has gotten to the point where we really don't know what we want anymore. We see the shiny bauble. We crave it. We buy it. We see the next shiny bauble. We've gotten to the point where we are willing to trample a fellow human being just to get more cheap crap because the sign or the flyer says that this cheap crap is the cheapest bestest cheap crap there is.

Me, I'm going to pay a little more and buy a little less. I'm also going to avoid the stampede.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thank you for putting into words everything that I have been feeling about this horrific event. I cannot believe that a life has been lost because people want to buy cheap crap.