Saturday, November 08, 2008

Missing the Fall Nationals

November is just not as much fun without a string of Rheostatics shows at the Horseshoe to look forward too. The Rheos were never a band to take themselves too seriously so the shows were generally loose and fun and sometimes magical.

I've been thinking more and more about the Rheos since seeing Martin Tielli play at Hugh's Room in September. Tonight while I was composing my auto industry rant (see previous post), I was listening to a Rheos show done at Centennial Secondary School in 2000. The band was accompanied by the school's bands and choir. What other rock band would do such a thing?

The Fall Nationals were a blast. Taking over the Horseshoe for the better part of two weeks, they would hit the stage every night and remind people about just how much fun music can be.

Even better, they had a knack for picking great opening acts. It was at a Rheostatics shows that I first saw Serena Ryder play. How someone so young could have such a powerful voice I still don't fully understand but it was a treat. Another year, it was Danny Michel - one of Canada's truly great singer-songwriters.

Now, it's all just a bunch of computer files, a bunch of digital memories to be revisited on these long cold nights.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hadn't even heard about the Fall National series of concerts. They sound like they were pretty spectacular. And you are right, the Rheostatics were never an ordinary band, in any sense.

Remi said...

They always jokingly said they were trying to beat Stomping Tom's late 60's record of 30 nights straight at the Horseshoe.