Monday, November 17, 2008

Holy Canuck!

So, I was wandering around wikipedia, looking up useless info. Actually, it all started by looking for information on the new Guns n Roses album that may actually be released next week but I probably shouldn't admit that. (what can I say? I might not listen to much metal anymore but I am curious about what such an expensive, time-consuming project might sound like.)

Anyways, I was wandering around wikipedia when I chanced upon the top 10 best-selling albums according to Neilsen SoundScan. What surprised me is that 3 of the top 10 are albums by Canadians. Very cool. Alas, the 3 albums are Shania Twain's Come On Over (#1), Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill (#3) and Celine Dion's Falling Into You (#10). Not exactly my favourite 3 Canuck albums but not bad considering the list also features such heavy hitters as *nsync, backstreet boys and creed.

I was trying to keep a straight face when I said heavy hitters but I can't. It just goes to show that if you want to make it big, you should probably marry older guys, hire songwriting factories or have a somewhat creepy relationship with that guy from Full House.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I guess this is precisely why awards like Polaris have far more validity than the sales-based Juno.

And while I am pretty positive I will never buy Chinese Democracy, I do admit I enjoy the legend that has built up around it.

John Mutford said...

I'm okay with Jagged Little Pill. The others not so much. It's my theory that Rene What's-His-Name buys all Celine's cds, because I've never actually met anyone who's bought a Celine cd. And I've know plenty of people with both good and bad taste.