Monday, April 13, 2009

Ahhhhh. . .

The weekend is such a great thing. Even if mine starts on a Monday this week.

Today, I'm doing lunch with family which will be fun. They've actually managed to pry my mother away from the homestead for a day so I'm looking forward to it (my mother is not a city person).

After that, it's down to Open Air Books (Toronto's only travel bookshop) to look for the Rough Guide to Iceland. I'm a big fan of travel books. I find the more you read about a place beforehand, the better the trip becomes. You have a pretty good idea in advance of what you want to see and do.

Sure, things pop up. I expect them to and, when they do, I run with it. I will never let plans get in the way of whimsy. I still like to be prepared.

Other than that, I'm pretty well stocked. I can go bag or backpack. I've got 5 gigs worth of memory cards for my camera (which is massive overkill, I know, but I got a good deal). I think I may even take my sound recorder with me as well. Who knows what I'll find.

Well, the visitors are on the doorstep so that's enough for now.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Have fun but save a little money for the actual trip!

Remi said...

Definitely. The only thing I've bought so far is the guidebook and a map. Everything else - the bags and memory and such - I've had for a long time. That part of it is going to be cheap. That's a good thing because I want to keep as much money as possible on hand for tours and traipsing about. After all, I'm not likely to get back to Iceland for a long, long time.

Daibhin said...

You should visit the place called MiĆ°lina, in Iceland, where you can see the North American and European continental plates coming together. You can walk between them. Also make sure to try the Icelandic hot dogs.

Remi said...

It seems so strange to go all that way for a hot dog but I've heard they're good. Seeing the two continents come together sounds really cool.