Sunday, April 12, 2009

Strange travel suggestions. . .

. . . are dancing lessons with God. Apparently, Kurt Vonnegut said that once. It's a nice thought.

For the first time since February of 2008, I have some vacation time coming up. Initially, I was going to keep it low key - stick around the city, go up to the cottage, head down to Sarnia - but curiosity and the travel bug got the better of me.

How did we ever travel before the internet?

So I started looking at places to travel. New York has some great new hotels with cheap prices (the trade-off being that the rooms are tiny - single and bunk beds) and getting there is cheaper than it's been in a long time but this time I want something new.

Resorts don't really interest me. I did one in Cuba once and I liked it. Just not enough to repeat it. I like doing things my way even if my way is foolish, quixotic and much more complicated. I understand why people like resorts and I think that's great. I'm not all snobbish about it or anything. It's just not my thing.

Asia is a little too involved. I tell people that the month I spent in India and Nepal was not enough time and I mean it. By the time I fly halfway around the world and then acclimate myself, it will be time to come home. Besides, I've done India in May once and I'm not likely to repeat it. Too hot and too dusty (fall is the time to go).

That leaves me with Europe, I guess. Well, South and Central America too, but, again, I'd want more time if I finally got down to, say, Ecuador so I could wander around and also get to the Galapagos Islands.

So, the places I've checked out so far: Paris, Berlin, Glasgow, Barcelona, Prague, Croatia and Greece (not sure where in Greece). As far as continental Europe goes, I'm leaning towards Berlin. Not sure why really. It just seems cool.

Oh yeah, I also checked out Iceland. The subway these days is plastered with Icelandair ads. Furthermore, I came away with more of an interest in Iceland after watching White Night Wedding at last year's film fest. So I poked around on the web and found some decent deals. Glaciers, hot springs, history.

I think I'm going with Iceland. It just sounds cool, doesn't it?

Speaking of White Night Wedding, I've found a trailer ( It's interesting how they edit these things as the movie was a lot darker than the trailer portrays. I mean, it was funny but at heart it was a lot more serious than most comedies (in a really good way, though).

Here's some pics of the last time I went overseas:

The only time I've ever been freaked out by an elevator was at the Eiffel Tower. Way too much jerking and shaking.

Aside from the first day, it was cold and wet the whole time. It was fun though. My sister Nikki accompanied me on this trip.
The obligatory Eiffel Tower sticking out of my head shot. This is on the roof of La Samaritaine department store.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Iceland!?! Oh I would love to go there! I am going to be pestering you with so many questions if you make that trip, so consider yourself forewarned. The only Icelandic film I recall seeing (Jar City) was very dark indeed, but the landscape looked quite similar to that in the trailer.

Will you take your sister along so you can snap adorable photos of each other with buildings growing out of your heads?

Remi said...

This time I'm flying solo. It's all kind of spur of the moment. Before last week, I didn't think I was going to go anywhere this year.

John Mutford said...

Iceland does sound cool. But I'd recommend some Canadian destination you haven't been.

Remi said...

I will get in that northern tour sometime soon (so you can hold off on any sort of fiery surprise for now). It's just that I renewed my passport this spring and it's still got that new passport smell and is begging to be used.

John Mutford said...

Can't say I blame you, any place that gives rise to Bjork is preety awesome in my books.

Professor Batty said...

I've been there three times and I'm planning a fourth. You can tour the countryside (the bus trips are pricey, but you see A LOT in a day trip.) You can rent a car and head out as well, this can be exhausting- around every curve is a fantastic vista. The city of Reykjavík is fun too- you can walk it if you are in shape. Check out the municipal pools and museums- you can get a tourist card for admissions to both and a bus pass for about $12 a day. If you go in the spring or fall, the National theatre is world class. It is pricey to be there, even with the recent devaluations...

Petal said...

I've been to Norway, Sweden and Finland, all in the Lapland area, so I know the cold and snow are great for travelling. I have a blog about unique travel experiences, so I am going to find one for you in the next few days and post it on my blog. SO check it out.(