Sunday, April 05, 2009

How to tell a good book. . .

My TBR keeps getting higher but every once in a while I get waylaid by a new addition to the pile. In this case, it's Jessica Grant's Come, Thou Tortoise. I stayed up most of last night finishing Richard Price's Lush Life (an excellent book in its own right) just so I could start into this book.

Anyway, I've just barely started Come, Thou Tortoise and already I think I'm in for a treat. Why? Well, on page 23, there is the following observation about flying - When you're flying, the newscast is always cheery. Notice that. There are no plane crashes. If you could just keep flying forever, there'd be no plane crashes.

Understand that this passage occurs after the protagonist, Audrey Flowers, has disarmed an air marshall because guns are on the top of the list of things you can't take on a plane so, therefore, the person must be a terrorist.

Oh yeah, there's a thinking tortoise in there somewhere, as well.

And it's by a Newfoundlander, so it'll bring me one step closer to completing the Canuck Book Challenge.

In other news, I wound up going for an impromptu long walk yesterday through the Don Valley and up through Riverdale Farm into Cabbagetown which was incredible. To think, I've always passed this by and walked the Bloor Viaduct. The bridge is nice but the valley and farm were more interesting. And the uphill walk out of the valley didn't kill me either.

Today, I'm going for a planned long walk. This will be better as I will actually be wearing comfortable walking shoes. I was halfway into yesterday's ramble before I realized that error. Thankfully, no blisters.

I'm thinking my goal for this summer is to walk all 11 of Toronto's Discovery Walks. They're a network of walks through the city and parks highlighting various features of the city, from natural history to historical buildings and neighbourhoods. I've walked parts of a lot of them and stopped to read many of the signs found on these routes (if you're ever wondering who actually reads all those historical plaques and signs, that would be me). I figure walking all of them would be a fun and healthy goal for my spring and summer walking.

Tomorrow, I'll be popping by City Hall to get a copy of the Toronto Walking Map. It has all the parks, streets and subways on it. I'm kind of wondering why I've never picked it up before.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have been hearing nothing but praise for Come, Thou Tortoise. I can't wait to read your final review. How many Canadian books does that make for the challenge. I have a measly 4.

Please say you will take photos on your walking tours of the city!

John Mutford said...

Hey Remi, speaking of books, your gift arrived today. It was really wonderful. So glad you're able to write a letter. After years of emails and MSN Messenger, I couldn't construct a letter now if my life depended on it (though that's one high stakes letter). I'll avoid Twitter lest I lose the few writing abilities I have left.

And a CD? Wow, that's awesome. Can't wait to give it a spin.

Remi said...

I've got some photos that I'll likely post when I get a chance.

I'm glad to hear it arrived, John. I was wondering how long it might take. As for the letter, I have a weakness for books of letters. Read enough of them and the notion of writing one becomes quite appealing.