Thursday, April 09, 2009


And to think I usually hate internet acronyms and excessive punctuation. However, I just watched Billy Bob Thornton's interview with Jian Gomeshi and I think the blog title says it all.

How does one get so angry at Jian Gomeshi? Come on! The whole point of Jian Gomeshi has always kind of been that he is likable. I like him. You like him. Your grandmother probably likes him. Not to take away from what he does or his considerable knowledge, it's just that he is what he is - a nice interviewer who chats with musicians and artists. He does it well. Even dealing with an ass like Billy Bob, he held it together far past the point where most of us would have given up (or thrown a punch [not that I advocate violence, mind you, but it would have been nice]).

The point I'm trying to make is that if Billy Bob can't handle being interviewed by Jian Gomeshi, he has no business being in the entertainment industry. Grow up, get over yourself and maybe trim that ego a little until you have proven yourself as a musician. You can talk about going on tour with Willie Nelson but lets not forget that Willie has played with his share of shitty musicians in his day. Or had plenty of shitty musicians open for him. Just being on the same bill as a great doesn't make you a great.

On the other hand, deliberately sabotaging an interview because your hurt ego is more important than good press for your band is just childish. Let's be real. Nobody is going to remember Billy Bob as a singing drummer. That's okay. I mean, I truly doubt anyone is going to remember Phil Collins (a singing drummer) for his role in Buster, either. That's life.

Truth be told, how many people are even going to remember Billy Bob for anything other than going "mmm-hmm" and exacting vengeance on Dwight Yoakam in Sling Blade, anyways?

(All that and I didn't even have to get into the stupidity of comparing his vanity project to the work of Tom Petty.)

As for Jian Gomeshi, I still wish he would bring back the national playlist. But I guess that's another story. . .


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have been listening to Q a lot more lately since I have been working from home,but I actually turned it off to concentrate on a project the day of the BB Thornton interview. Bad move on my part, apparently. It sounds like it was a gong show.

And I am soooo with you on the national playlist idea. You start a petition, I will sign!

Daibhin said...

hmmm...Billy Bob has now canceled his Canadian tour dates. I think he is lacking the gravy not Canadian fans.