Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Done!

I've now bought my ticket and made my hotel reservation. 6 nights and 7 days in one of the only countries with a capitol north of Ottawa. Even better, I went digging for this black nylon pouch I always use to hold my travel documents and found the plug adapter I used when I went to Paris. The guy at the apple store confirmed that ipods can work off of 120v or 220v so I shall have tunes for the hotel room.

I'm also booked for two tours: The first is an afternoon of whale watching. Apparently, the boats also go close to a couple of islands where puffins nest which should be cool. I'm hoping it's better than the last time I went whale watching. That time was up by Tofino on Vancouver Island and all we wound up seeing was one glimpse of a bit of the back of a whale. At least we were in a zodiac so it was a fun ride. The second is a tour to see a huge waterfall, some geysers and other natural wonders.

Now if only I could shake this cold, everything would be perfect.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What? No bus tour of the stars' houses?

It sounds like it is going to be such an incredible trip. I am very excited for you.

Professor Batty said...

Sorry, I didn't catch this post till after I wrote on your other one. Sounds like a great time.

P.S. The nightlife doesn't start till after midnight!

Remi said...

Thanks for the advice, Professor. The trips are pricey but I figure it'll likely be a while before I get back so it's worth splurging.