Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A pet peeve / Robert Downey Jr. is a Genius

First off - why do online retailers insist on using courier services like fedex or ups? Fedex and ups work great for businesses because businesses keep business hours and are always around from 9am to 5pm to sign off on the package.

The average working stiff? Probably not available weekdays from 9 to 5 because they are working. Heaven forbid you should miss a delivery, though. Then you're stuck going to some warehouse on the edge of the city which may or may not be accessible by transit just to lug the thing home.

There should be an option where one can choose to have the package delivered by mail. It's likely cheaper and the great thing is, if you miss the delivery, you don't have to go halfway to Siberia just to pick it up.

Second, I watched Tropic Thunder last night and it is, hands down, the smartest dumb movie I've seen in a long time. Can Robert Downey Jr. do anything wrong? Tom Cruise proves once again that he is at his best when playing an over the top asshole (remember Magnolia?). For some reason, it just comes naturally for him. The sad thing is that it is still Tom Cruise and you are left wondering if he is really in on the joke or is this just another calculated manoeuvre? For all the power and authority he is supposed to wield because of his Scientology ties, one can't help thinking he has more in common with the little old guy behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz.

Anyways, I'm still sick and that sucks. I am, however, doing a good job of getting my cd collection ripped into itunes. 120 gigs is a whole lot of space.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

hahaha I read your title and initially missed that it was a two-part title. And I thought, yeah it is rather unfair that RDJ is a genius, isn't it? I think I will take a chance on watching Tropic Thunder now.

I hope you are feeling better soon, but aren't you the most productive sick person in the history of sick people?